I think this is a fun and capable camera, especially suited to someone who is looking an inexpensive camera to try out film. Its pretty light and small (weighing something like 700 grams with the 50mm F2 lens) so good for travel. It also uses the Pentax K mount so I think there are plenty of lenses you could use at reasonable prices. The functions it has are simple, just manual mode and a self timer, which are good in keeping you focussed on the image. Negatives are that the meter didn’t seem all the greatest and the film advance lever broke off mine and was not easily fixable (I sold the camera as spares/repairs for almost nothing on eBay after this happened). The shutter speed is also limited to 1/1000, although I doubt this is a big drawback to most people (it wasn’t for me). The ergonomics and look of the camera are quite standard and simple, but I do think it looks pretty cool.

My Story with this Camera

This was almost the camera that started my passion for photography. However the first roll I put through it came out with a black line across the top of alot of frames, and the rest were pretty badly exposed. Thinking the camera was broken, I didn’t use it again until 4 years later, when I infact realised it worked fine! So it ended up being the purchase of a digital DSLR (a Nikon D40) that set me on the photography path, and not this. Which is a shame, because this was a fun and capable camera. I think what had happened was me not realising there was such a thing as a max shutter speed for flash sync, and so all of the pictures taken with the flash had that black band at the top of the frame. This is one of the few cameras thats broken during normal usage for me, with the film advance lever coming off and not wanting to go back on. It was sold in 2011 as spares/repairs for almost nothing on eBay.



Its a decent camera for a film beginner, especially as its so inexpensive. Its simple to use, and can get some excellent pictures with the sharp and fast 50mm F2 lens, but I wouldn’t be too reliant on the meter.